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We are very happy to announce that during the XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany we will host an art exhibition entitled “Hidden Diversity” as a side event. The exhibition opening will be held during the symposium welcome reception at Estufa Fria de Lisboa.

Hidden Diversity is an art exhibition organized by the Symposium with the support of Lisbon Municipality, integrating the program of Lisbon European Green Capital 2020. The exhibition will take place at Lisbon’s Greenhouse (Estufa Fria de Lisboa). This exhibition was thought as a way to raise general public awareness for cryptogamic biodiversity, through a process of environmental education, where art and science come together. As so, we launched a challenge to Teresa Almeida, a plastic artist and professor at the Fine Arts Faculty of University of Porto, to curate and be part of an exhibition inspired by cryptogamic botany diversity. The exhibition counts with sculpture, painting, engraving and drawing works of 24 artists. Hidden Diversity invites you all to wonder in the cold greenhouse and discovers the works.

The welcome reception will take place at 19:00 at Lisbon Cold Greenhouse (Estufa Fria de Lisboa, for participants only). We will serve welcome drinks and finger food inspired in cryptogamic diversity. You can easily go from the University to the venue taking the metro yellow line in Campo Grande or Cidade Universitária, direction Rato. Exit at Marquês do Pombal station. Precise instructions will be available soon.

In the heart of Lisbon, a hidden spot: the Biodiversity Space. A 16 acres forest, surrounded by a fence, but perfectly integrated in the Monsanto Forest Park. Created for Nature, Biodiversity and Environmental Education, constitutes an important habitat for more than 150 species of fauna and flora. We can see it as a Lernscape.

This area is characterized by well-preserved woodlands of Pinus pinea L., Quercus suber L., Quercus rotundifolia Lam., and Quercus faginea Lam. Typical shrubs include Phillyrea latifolia L., Arbutus unedo L. and Myrtus communis L..

An artificial lake provides habitat for several aquatic and semi-aquatic species, such as the mallard or domestic duck (Anas plathyrhynchos L.) and the black-crowned night-heron (Nycticorax nycticorax L.). The Biodiversity Space is also equipped with an observatory tower, overlooking Monsanto Forest Park and some neighborhoods of Lisbon.

This visit will be done in the afternoon of the 25th July. We will depart from the Faculty of Sciences (soon to announce the meeting point). You should bring comfortable clothes and shoes and your own rechargeable bottle of water, because we expect it to be quite warm. Three different tours are available, you should inscribe yourself in one:

green route “shadow habitats” – the longest of all, the first group to depart. Rougher terrain.

blue route “water habitats” – medium rough terrain, passes closely to water habitats.

red route “general visit” – the easiest to walk, shorter distance.

You should inscribe in one of the groups during the first day of the symposium. The visit will work as a BioBlitz, i.e. intense period of biological surveying in an attempt to record all the living species within a designated area. We encourage you to register as many species as you observe using an app that we will show during the first day of the symposium. We have prizes for those within each of the 5 cryptogam groups that register more species.

Note:please be aware that this is a protected area. Collection of biological material is not allowed, unless you discover a really interesting new species!

This visit is done with the support of Lisbon Municipality, the 2020 Winner of European Green Capital.

Located in Marvila, an up-and-coming Lisbon neighbourhood, El Bulo Social Club features a colourful, fun, and diversified menu with the inevitable Argentinian touch. Chef Chakal calls the place a “social club” and says he serves “non-gourmet food”.

There are several ways to get there.

Option 1: From de symposium venue, walk 3 min to the bus station and catch the 755 BUS (one every 20 minutes). Takes about 35 minutes.

Option 2: walk to Campo Grande metro station, catch green line metro towards Cais do Sodré, exit in the last stop (Cais do Sodré). Go outside and catch BUS 728.

This is the address, in case you need it. El Bulo Social Club - Praça David Leandro da Silva 9 A, Lisboa 1950-064, Portugal.